late night lusting;

….how sexy & beautiful your face is…wondered how it’ld feel if your mouth, lips & tongue cuddled my throbbing cock while I stroke your gorgeous vibrantly rich red hair.

but I wouldn’t cum…I’ld hold it, until I was inside you, & your breasts were against my chest & our lips locked as we found the release with together.

I wouldn’t cum, and neither will you
we will both deny, control…until moments later the ecstasy over takes us both like a celestial super nova…we would then be each others.

The madness of passions unifying, our existence. You won’t cry nor screams the gods name & neither will I-we will erupt with one anothers. My cock invading your divine cunt, as you envelope me & consume all I deliver. A primal force, unrestrained, raw, untamed; want, accept & surrendering to my sexual invasion & conquest of your desires & control…release, surrender…..breath……be.


2 thoughts on “late night lusting;

  1. Beautifully written. I love your writing style, the words flow along so nicely!

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