Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa

I am at fault.
I am to blame.
I take responsibility.
I am guilty.

What has become? Now sleepless nights-no voice, no words, no sounds, no replies. What has become? A moment, a chance encounter, led so far. From the hand of fate, to mind & heart to flesh and passion. Into an endless rhythm, cadence of the primal dance and the fires we burned; the candle from both ends, now extinguished, melted….gone.
I wanted you. You wanted me. Now you’re gone, back to your home across the vast sea-back to your lover of many years. Should I not have what I done? Should I kept it simple, as it was? Where it was? Mea Culpa.
Our souls exploded in that celestial, primal way-infinite and raw. Was it too much? Did you just use me as a paramour, exacting revenge to his indiscretion? Then you must also say Mea Culpa.
We went from chance and fate, to amicable to the ends of fantasies, forbidden, into the surrendering and embracing of carnal and sensual madness. You said it wasn’t supposed to go that far. From a wish, a hope, a dream, a thought…you came into my life, and I into yours.
And now, as fast as you came, you’re gone. I am here and you are elsewhere. I have nothing left. With your silence I go insane. I gave in, to my sin…Mea Culpa.
Why did you even come and stop by? You wanted distance, now you have distance from me, back to your home, across the sea-were we just passing by through each others lives? I broke a vow I swore to uphold. But the desire and fate, the dancing of our souls, minds and flesh! I don’t sleep anymore, I let myself go, to the madness of desire, of the forbidden, fantasy, of fate. Mea Culpa.

(promp inspired/influenced/related to “Mea Culpa” by Enigma)


One thought on “Mea Culpa

  1. I liked it – it reads like a poem and letter all in one. I also picked up on the guilt too. Nice job, Borda!

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